About Us

Barnstormer Barbeque has been serving up the best Q in Orange County since October 26, 1998.

Geoff Provan attended Paul Smith's College, where he was a student in the Culinary Arts program. After graduating, he spent some time cooking at fine-dining restaurants and even making appearances cooking at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City. Fine dining seemed to be his future; how things can change.

So when Geoff decided to start his own restaurant, and wondered what kind? The answer would come in a dream, of course, BARBECUE! Eight plus years later, Barnstormer Barbecue seems to have been a good decision.

Owner Geoff Provan described the Barnstormer menu as "a blend between Carolina and Kansas City" barbecue, which is an entirely different animal from Texas barbecue. The Carolina specialty is pork, as opposed to beef in Texas, but there other differences, too. The Barnstormer uses hickory to smoke its meat.

"There's some sort of magic that happens when the sauce hits the heat on the grill," Provan said.

"I like barbecue food, and there was nobody in the area who was doing it when we opened up, nobody that I found," Provan said. "So why not, you take a risk opening up a restaurant at any time, so do something no one else is doing."

Barnstormer serves St. Louis spare ribs, bbq chicken, pulled pork, brisket, wings, grilled chicken sandwiches and burgers.